Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Internship week 3 "Felt like a professional designer"

Hello readers !

I would like to start by congratulating myself because succesfully I have developed 3 samples for the buyers visiting in July . Plus on one of it I have got comments also FROM THE BUYER. But for now all the hardwork paid off this week . I have been developing silhouttes from last two weeks and finally I got a break through .

It is not that of a headache to develop a sample here becauze all you need to do is co-ordinate and keep a follow up on the progress of your sample .For that you have to use any means necessary. And that is just not a figure of speech.Before telling you about my design i want to write about the journey till it .

It is not an easy job for me commanding or ordering or scolding a person elder to you . But after this week I can shout scold threat (without any authority) to any one who is suppose to do my job but is not doing just becauz i am the new guy.It took me three weeks to develop two samples and two protos (here in orient craft we call toiles as protos). That means per week one sample including protos . And that is auwful as a record because developing a sample with all those facilities there shldnt take more than three hours . Now I ll tell u why

1. The new guy
2. Master in the our sampling department wasnt able to understand my design
3.Tailor wasnt able stitch it properly
4.I had to run around all over orient craft doing clerical work plus concentrate on my design developement from the begining itself

Now that part was a bit unnecessary but this majorly reflects my learning that how will you explain a semi-literate man your design . The master has dealt with even complicated ones but what is necessary is to  explain him how and what is in the sketch .
Plus how will you get the work done . I had to be polite , harsh , and shout also at some point what is important is to be that your work should be done.BOSS ONLY CARES ABOUT THE WORK .

Moodboard - provided by the company Fat Face
Trend forecasting - provided by the company also
but sadely i cannot upload it due to the company restrictions

Sketch - Developed by Shanawaz Ali ; Software-Adobe Illustrator

Proto 1-#001
casual summer season outfit

Sealer 1-#001


The design you see above has been developed for the beach wear category for fat face !

Fabric - Single Jersey , 100 % cotton , 160 gsm with engineered stripes.

The reason i ve chosen enginerred stripes is becauze according to the "fat face" trend forecasting
they have forecasted engineered stripes to be the upcoming trends.
I have tried to keep the garment as simple as possible by avoiding trims of anykind as fat face co is all about casual wear though they use laces and embroideries a lot but i just didnt feel like using some .
that was some bit of leverage i enjoyed becauz every sample from that company has trims some where or the other

Garment two !!

This is the garment I am working upon next week i will write about this

please comment !!!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Internship week 2 part 1

Internship week 2

Now i am writin this blog a day early becauz of the learning i ve had this week

I understood where i am placed how my team works and how I should Work .

So we are a team of

Harpreet (Production Head)

Aarti (Head mechandiser Fat Face)

Riya (Merchandiser fr many buyers )

Shivangi ( Mechandiser Fat Face )

The teams are divided according to the buyer they Handle my team handles fat face . This is the same for tailors to masters to a ca

so what ever i do is for this co.(fat face) if thy require me to design i design for this company or mechandise i do for this one these are the people who make work all over the place

As soon as i reached office on the first day of the second week i was sent for sourcing to Govind puri
what kind of the hub that place i came to know that day only
hearing about it and feeling about it are two different things
I went with Mr Rakesh he has been working in the field for the past twelve years .With immense amount of expierience in the field of sourcing i went from shop to shop in scorching heat. The best part of it was that he was entertaning all of my question regarding the behaviour of different markets in delhi and outside .Plus I came to know what all we can get in govindpuri frm gali no.4 to Gali No. 16
Gali no. 4 for laces and trims
Gali no. 6 for all kind off buttons and fusing rolls
Gali no. 16 for all kinds of machine parts ( i got too see 60 different kind of preasure foots)
and the shops located outside on the roads are reliable but still better to go inside the dark and dingy lanes of govindpuri . and even Mr rakesh also said to ask him if require his help in the future
Mr Rakesh-8800906032

Now on the second day was a bit dramatic becauz i ll tell u later

Firstly i was given the cost sheet of the garments . Now thats what i am talkin about. Getting to knw the inside of the garment industry hw do they do there costing and all. So i saw that costting sheet which mailed to the buyer was not so complexed apparently things such as thread needles electricity were covered under one heading they even charged for the labels also .
But the interesting part was they didnt let the costing sheep increase more than 10 gbp (great britain pound) or Rs 790 .  Like that was the golden rule . Plus the costing of the garment was not actual the price of the fabric ws not rite sme were priced more apparently. As they purchase in bulk i suppose they must get it in a cheaper way

the profit margin was given a fancy word and was kept at 25 % of the C P

So my learning was how to make a professional cost sheet not the rite way but the buyer's way.

today i practically urged them for some design work becauz aftr designing one motif and they showed me some dreams about designing . I thoought they are never gonnaa cum true
later after a few discussions they handed over me the summer season mood board for fat face collection .
Atlast after a few requests and strict request to annoying my boss to request we got some sillouhettes development exercise
 i dnt hav all tht rite now i ll click the pictures and post it tomorw
I hav to see office politics also here
all tht glitters is not gold
A lot of bitching goes around here .but thts a part of ur corporate life.

next upload will be full of pictures

shld i request fr design related work or stick to the work they give me ????

What i learnt frokm running around the facility
1 . how to make people do your work
2. they wont unless you yourself check on them
3. Different techniques of patternmaking by master
i ve learnt a way how to get the grain line straight without makin the grain line on a knit fabric
4.I ve learnt how to use the gun used in spotting

And more about my observation will be added to the next post


Thursday, 14 June 2012

Internship week 1

As i proceed with my fashion design i hav reached A new Place to learn
Orient craft
i ll like to mention smetimes u really need to snatch sme information
day 1

i reached late becauze i ws not able to find the place it is quite deep in okhla i ve never been this deep in okhla after a few km u ll go away frm the city totally
i ws given a tour of the facility about the whole place i ve been to many export houses so nothing new for me
but i never knew tht i ll be made to run all over the place !!

after asking them for the whole week for some design related works they gave us some work today itself
we have been handled over fat face moodboards and we hav to develop some design to be shown to buyer and be displayed in the show room

The place was small enough to accomodate the no.of employees working there
but that is not my probem
my aim is to learn
 my learning fr the whole week
1. Silicon wash (fr softening the fabric it increases the gsm though)
2. Imp of yarn count and gsm the difference of 1 gram can make the shipment to shit
3. C A D corel draw some new functions
4. every thing in fabrics shrinks
5. motif developement i made a motif and developed the khaka also
6.started making sillhouettes for fat face the name of the co.